Editor Spotlight

A Farewell of Sorts to Emerging Adulthood by Moin Syed

On July 1, 2020 I will pass on the editorial helm of Emerging Adulthood to Dr. Christine Ohannessian, thus concluding my long affiliation with the journal. I have been with the journal since the literal beginning: I was on the committee that selected the publisher, SAGE, was on the committee that selected the first editor, Dr. Manfred van Dulmen, served as an Associate Editor under Manfred’s leadership, and then assumed the editorship in 2016. Now seems like an apt time to part ways—in June 2020 the journal will receive its first impact factor. I personally believe that impact factors have done much more harm than good across the sciences, but it is a fact within the broader academic system that having an impact factor confers legitimacy. It is a sign that Emerging Adulthood has “made it.” To banally use a developmental metaphor, perhaps this is akin to the journal reaching “adulthood,” and I am pleased to have played my part in helping get it there but also pleased to watch it continue and thrive from an arms’ length. Of course, this was not a solo effort by any means, and I am hugely indebted to my outstanding editorial team over the years, who have done consistently stellar work.

My major goals for the journal were to enhance the international focus, the interdisciplinary representation, the methodological variety, to align the journal with open science principles and practices, and to speed up the review time. Well, four out of five is not too bad (you can probably guess which one of these failed, especially if you submitted to the journal!). All in all, in a relatively short time, Emerging Adulthood has become a premier outlet that publishes some of the most important work in the field—AND, it does so not by being restrictive to certain methods or perspectives, but rather by being expansive and accepting. In this way, Emerging Adulthood can serve as a model for other, more established journals. The journal is on good footing, and has a bright future in the excellent hands of Dr. Ohannessian, who in a few months will outline her vision and plans for the journal. I look forward to watching from the bench.