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Topic Networks

The goal of the Topic Networks is to bring together SSEA members who have common interests in a specific area of emerging adulthood research or practice. The activities of the Topic Networks will depend on the ideas of the members, but may include, for example, sharing draft manuscripts for comments and suggestions; collaborating on papers and grants; sharing best practices for direct work with emerging adults; letting members know about important recent articles; collaborating on symposia to submit to an SSEA conference; or working together to organize a preconference session.

If you would like to join any of the Topic Networks below, please contact the SSEA Coordinator, You may join as many as you like. We also welcome your ideas for more Topic Networks. Please note that YOU MUST BE AN SSEA MEMBER to join a Topic Network.

Topic Network Chair Affiliation Emerging Scholar Co-Chair Affiliation
Identity Issues Joe Schwab Bridgewater State University Johanna Carlsson Gothenburg University, Sweden
Parents and Family Cliff McKinney Mississippi State University Melanie Stearns Mississippi State University
Mental Health Larry Forthun University of Florida TBD TBD
Work, Career, and Finance Jinhee Kim University of Maryland Ashley LeBaron University of Arizona
Study Abroad Claire Lyons James Madison University Itzel Eguiliz TBD
Media Uses Chia-Chen Yang University of Memphis Jaqueline Nesi Brown University
Substance Use and Abuse Laura Holt; Adam Rogers Trinity College; BYU Olivia Diggs Iowa State University
Sexuality Spencer Olmstead University at Tennessee, Knoxville Kristin Anders Kansas State University
Prevention and Intervention Michael J. Cleveland Washington State University Ina Koning Utrecht University, Netherlands
Romantic Relationships Brian Willoughby Brigham Young University Scott Sibley Northern Illinois University
Aging Out of Care Varda Mann-Feder Concordia University TBD TBD
Religion and Spirituality Ofra Mayseless University of
Meredith Hope University of
Student Affairs/College Student Development Joseph Murray Bucknell University Jarrett Warshaw University of Georgia
Health Promotion Joe Malone Middle Tennessee State University Amber Dorsey Middle Tennessee State University
Emerging Scholar Shannon Claxton Morningside College Angela Sorgente Catholic University
Friendships Meliksah Demir Northern Arizona University Ayša Ízen TOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Universitesi, Ankara, Turkey


Topic Network News

December 2017

Substance Use
The Substance Use network collaborated with the Prevention Network to present a a pre-conference Prevention Intervention Workshop at SSEA and to present a roundtable at SPR's annual meeting. Members of the topic network presented a symposium at the 2017 meeting of the SSEA, and we got together in a informal gathering at the meeting. The big news is that we have a new chair, Laura Holt, who is an associate professor at Trinity College.