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As a member, you will contribute to building the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding of development in emerging adulthood (ages 18-29) through scholarship, education, training, policy, and practice.

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Our History

Since 2003, SSEA has been at the forefront of emerging adulthood research. Supported by the field's preeminent researchers from around the world, the society has organized four international conferences and launched a scholarly journal. As we look toward continuing study in this under-researched field, the SSEA is developing new ways for scholars to exchange ideas, coordinate research, and find new opportunities.


SSEA membership is open to researchers, students, educators, policy makers, and practitioners interested in development during this period of life.


  • Receive the Emerging Adulthood journal
  • Hold office in SSEA government
  • Create a Membership Profile on the SSEA website
  • Serve as a Conference Panel Reviewer
  • Access Membership list
  • Register for the biennial conference at a reduced rate
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities
    (e.g., Chair and serve on Committees)
  • Nominate and vote in elections
  • Join one or more of the Topic Networks
  • Apply for Conference Travel Awards

Annual Dues

Full Members: $95
Persons who are engaged in research, teaching, or policy pertaining to emerging adults; they shall be 4 or more years beyond graduation from a graduate program of study.

Post Doc/Early Career: $75
Persons who are currently in a postdoctoral fellowship or have graduated from a program of study within the past 4 years.

Graduate Student Members: $50
Persons currently enrolled in graduate study.

Student Affiliate: $50*

General Affiliate: $95*
Persons in non-academic capacities who wish to follow and support the activities of the Society (e.g., journalists, policy makers).

Developing Countries: $10

Two-year memberships available: 10% discount.

Topic Network Member Groups

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The Membership Registration Form will now ask if you'd like to join a Topic Network Group. More information on Topic Networks is located here. Join others who have a common interest in your area.

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*Student Affiliate and General Affiliate members will have all privileges of other members except voting.