Conference Program

Pre-Conference Workshop

Research Methods for the Study of Relationships

Semira Tagliabue, Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, Italy

This interactive workshop will start with an overview on the central concept of interdependence which is the basis of many close relationships research’s questions. Interdependence concept will be linked to the “non-independence” issue that arises when multiple informant designs are used.

Three methodological questions will be answered during this workshop:

1. How to measure relationship?

2. Which research design is more suitable?

3. How to analyze non–independent data?

In the first part, description of different possibilities to measure relational constructs will be presented and participants will be asked to share their experiences with different instruments. Moreover, there will be a focus on relational measurement invariance. In the second part, research designs available to answer to research questions, and involving both dyadic relationships (romantic relationship; friend relationship) and group relationships (peer group; family), will be analyzed. Difficulties in choosing the proper research design and collecting data will be discussed.

Finally, the third part will be focused on data preparation and data analyses. A practical exercise on how to structure a dyadic/group dataset will be proposed to attendants. Moreover, some of the commonly used models to examine dyadic and group data will be presented. These include actor-partner interdependence model, social relations model, social network design. I will use my own work to illustrate how these methods can be applied. In the last part of the workshop, I will be available to help participants with basic problems in planning a relational design or analyzing data.

Workshop date: May 27th 2020 Workshop duration: 4 hours

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