Conference Program

master lecture

The Study of Intimate Relationship Process during Emerging Adulthood: Methodological and Analytical Considerations

Dominik Schoebi, Universite de Fribourg, Switzerland

Intimate relationships are complex systems, and making sense of intimate relationships requires methods and analytic tools that can accommodate key features this complexity. First and foremost, intimate relationships in emerging adulthood consist of (at least) two individuals who interact with each other, each influenced by their own and shared social context, including peers, friends and family. This creates complex patterns of interdependence. Furthermore, much of the theorizing in the literature on intimate relationships focuses on within-person and within-couple processes, that reflect individual dynamics and dynamic interactions over time, or actual change of relational variables over time. The current talk outlines and discusses these and other features that have received increasing attention in the past years, and illustrates methodological requirements and solutions to collect appropriate data. It also outlines data-analytic solutions to accommodate and model these features specifically.

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