Conference venue: Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Babes-Bolyai University
Address: Bishop Nicolae Ivan Street, RO-400117, Cluj-Napoca

The conference will be hosted by Babeș-Bolyai University (BBU), one of the top universities in Romania. Babeș-Bolyai University is located in Transylvania, in the beautiful town of Cluj-Napoca, which has been elected as the European Youth Capital in 2015.

Cluj is a diverse city that combines the old days with their beautiful buildings and history, with our current, modern, and technology-oriented times. Feel free to walk through the streets, have a meal and a drink at a terrace in Unirii Square and enjoy the beautiful architecture of St. Michael's Church.

Also, in the middle of the city there is a place to relax surrounded by nature – you can enjoy a walk through Central Park, relax on the shore of the Someș river or even visit the famous botanical garden.

The streets are almost constantly alive with people, due to the fact that Cluj is a university city. The city is teeming with students and artists, therefore intrigue is guaranteed. As far as food is concerned, a wide range of meals can be found both in elegant places and casual, comfortable settings. A rich experience in Cluj is guaranteed by all these and many more, at a very convenient cost.

If you want to adventure further from the city, you can explore astonishing places all around Transylvania: The Natural Reservation of Cheile Turzii, Turda Salt Mine, Scarisoara Ice Cave, Transfagarasan Highway, Sibiu, Brasov, Sighișoara, and
many more.

Travel by air, Bus, & Train

Cluj-Napoca has an international airport which runs direct flights, both regular and charter, from several cities in Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Greece etc. For further information about these flights please contact a ticketing agency or visit www.airportcluj.ro. From the airport to the city center you can choose between public transport (i.e., bus number 5) and taxi. There is a taxi stand inside the airport. There are about 6 major cab companies: Napoca, Diesel, Terra & Fan, Pro Rapid, Nova, Pritax etc. Their cars are all equipped with taximeters and have about the same prices, posted in a visible place outside and inside. A taxi ride from the airport to the center of the city is around 6 euros. You can also arrive in Cluj-Napoca via other cities in Romania, like Bucharest. There are busses, trains, and planes which make these connections. 

There are bus companies running regular direct transport to Cluj-Napoca from several European cities (more information on www.eurolines.ro)

Several international trains arrive daily to Cluj-Napoca. For those who prefer to travel by train, there are good connections for these trains in Budapest. You will find more information at reiseauskunft.bahn.de

By Public Transportation to the University:

Public transportation in the city is good. Complete routes can be found on the company's website. Schedules are available online. For most lines servicing the city center, you won't need to wait more than 15 minutes. The tariff is 2 lei per travel (about 40 eurocents). Tickets can be bought (1) at special booths (cash only), (2) at vending machines (accepting coins, banknotes and debit/credit cards) at most stops or (3) through an SMS at 7479 with the bus number – more information here. Be careful to correctly punch an unused half of your ticket once in the vehicle, ticket control is relatively common and the fines are sizable.

By Taxi to the University:

There are about 6 major cab companies: Napoca, Diesel, Terra & Fan, Pro Rapid, Nova, Pritax (do not take cabs from other companies; e.g., don’t take Activ!). Their cars are all equipped with taximeters and have about the same prices (max 2.25 lei per kilometer), posted in a visible place outside and inside. A taxi ride from the airport to the center of the city is around 6 EUR; a normal fare from the center to a neighbourhood is about 10-15 lei (3-4 EUR) and you have to pay cash (the only option). You can also call for a cab. The company with the most cars is Napoca (0040 264 953).

Accommodations & Meals


The Organizing Committee invites all participants to arrange their own accommodation.

The following hotels are located in the center of Cluj-Napoca and near the conference venue:

Hotels in walking distance:

Hotel Rao*** 5-minute walk

Hotel Delaf *** 4-minute walk

Hotel Univers T *** 8-minute walk

Hotel Alexis *** 15-minute walk

Hotel Topaz Boutique *** 15-minute walk

Hotel Onix **** 15-minute walk

Hotels by public transportation:

Hotel Meteor *** 19 minutes, public transport (bus 24/24b/25)

Hotel Victoria *** 14 minutes, public transport (bus 4/5/6/7/8/24/24b/25/30/47)

Hotel Melody Central *** 16 minutes, public transport (bus 24/24b/25)

Hotel Hampton by Hilton *** 14 minutes, public transport (bus 4/5/6/7/8/24/24b/25/30/47)

Hotel Confort *** 20 minutes, public transport (bus 46b)

Hotel Beyfin **** 15 minutes, public transport (bus 4/5/6/7/8/24/24b/25/30/47)

Hotel Ramada **** 18 minutes, public transport (bus 46b)

Hotel Meridian **** 18 minutes, public transport (bus 46b)

Hotel Opera Plaza ***** 16 minutes, public transport (bus 46b)

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Cluj - City Plaza***** 18 minutes, public transport (bus 24/ 24B/25)

Hotel Platinia Luxury Suites ***** 20 minutes, public transport (bus 24/ 24B/25)

Note: Depending on the reservation period and the site you visit, the prices for the rooms vary. Therefore, feel free to check room availability and prices at other booking sites.

More information about hotels/ apartments in Cluj-Napoca can be found here. There are also many B & Bs in Cluj-Napoca, click here for an overview.

For more details about public transport in Cluj-Napoca (timetables, detailed maps, tickets) click here.


Cheap & quick lunch options:

• The canteen of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology (conference venue)
Iulius Mall Food Court:

Restaurants & Bistros near the conference venue:

Engels City Bistro
Hanul Dacilor Restaurant (Romanian; in Iulius Mall)
Wasabi Running Sushi (Japanese; in Iulius Mall)
1568 Bistro
Hugo - Restaurant & Treats
Sorriso Bistro (Italian)
Napoli Centrale Restaurant (Italian)
Osteria del buon vino (Italian)
La Cina Restaurant
Casa Boema
Joben Bistro
À la tarte (French)
Enigma Secret Garden Bistro
Cabinet de Vin & Cocotte
Olivo Caffe & Bistro
Nuka Bistro

Currency exchange in Cluj-Napoca

The Romanian currency is Romanian leu (RON; 1 leu, plural lei). In January 2018 1 EURO was 4.65 RON (lei). You will have to exchange your money, as you cannot pay with other currency than RON/ lei.
You can exchange money in the airport at the Banca Transilvania exchange. The rates however are less advantageous so we advise you to only exchange a small amount if needed (it is however safe and you need cash for the bus/ taxi). In the city center and shopping malls there are several safe exchange offices. Safe ones are MACROGROUP exchange (many throughout the city), SAKER exchange (in the city center, on Bolyai Janos Street No. 1A or Andrei Saguna Street No. 34-36). Others are safe too, but please check the exchange rate and the commission of the office. It should say “0% comision” or “fara comision” or “nu percepem comision” which means “no commission”/ ”no extra tax”. You can also exchange money at any bank (they usually have less advantageous rates, but are safe) such as Banca Transilvania, ING Bank, BRD bank, BCR bank, Raiffaisen Bank.

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