October 9-11, 2013
Chicago, Illinois


Interested in Emerging Adult Mental Health?

Mental Health: Developing Mental Health in Emerging Adulthood

6th Conference on Emerging Adulthood
Preconference Workshop
Chicago, IL
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Registration 8am-9am

Download the agendaThe new way young people are becoming adult has garnered a great deal of attention in the past decade. Professionals from a variety of disciplines have come to recognize the distinct mental health issues facing young people ages 18 to 29—emerging adults. Findings from large-scale studies tell us that mental health problems represent significant burden during these years. At the same time, research has also revealed capacities for change and growth during this critical life stage.

The workshop will highlight the key issues distinguishing mental health in emerging adulthood from earlier and later stages of the life span. Expert presenters will speak to the issue: what is unique about identifying, assessing, and treating mental health problems in this specific age group? The workshop offers the opportunity to take a broad look, covering the topics: epidemiology of psychiatric disorders between ages 18 and 29, vulnerable emerging adult populations, help-seeking in emerging adulthood, treatment in emerging adulthood, and preventing mental health problems from reaching emerging adults. A variety of disciplines will be represented, including: medicine, public health, sociology, social work, psychology, psychiatry, and community mental health.

This workshop is designed to promote scientist-practitioner exchange. Significant time will be allotted for Q & A following each talk. Participants can expect to have opportunity for professional knowledge exchange.

Westin North Shore
601 N Milwaukee Ave
Wheeling, IL 60090

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$90 online registration
Includes lunch & workbook

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Networking Event
SSEA Mental Health Special Interest Group

Ravinia E
Bring your business cards!
Speed-networking from 4:30pm-4:45pm

What is speed networking?
How speed networking works:
It's organized chaos – loud, energizing, and fun!

Participants are split into two groups and are seated at tables in pairs facing each other. The person sitting across from you is your first partner. You spend no more than 6 minutes with each partner (2 minutes for each person to speak plus 1 minute for questions) before the bell/horn/whistle indicates that time is up and the designated side of the table is told to move one seat over to face the next person.

Once the speed part is over, there's time later for people to reconnect with those they wanted to talk to in more detail.

Book Discussion

Coming Up Short: Working-class adulthood in an age of uncertainty, by Jennifer M. Silva, PhDJoin us on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at the Preconference Workshop on Mental Health in Emerging Adulthood. Read and discuss Coming up short: Working-class adulthood in an age of uncertainty, with author Jennifer M. Silva, PhD.

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