October 9-11, 2013
Chicago, Illinois


Movie Night: Dine & Discuss

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Westin North Shore
Room TBD
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Nameless: Revealing a Generation


As qualified professionals, conference attendees (and any accompanying guests) are invited to enjoy and evaluate this private screening. The filmmaker will be available for discussion and feedback following the film, and very brief (and voluntary) response cards will be available. Your professional insight can help us refine our film for future public audiences in an effort to get this young generation's story right for the public. The goal of the film is to educate the general public on the qualities, potential, needs, struggles, and even the shortcomings of Millennials.

CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS across the nation, our ambitious goal is to reveal the collective voice of the largest generation in history as young American adults aspire to make a life, and a name, in an increasingly competitive society; or at the very least, to capture a revealing cross-section of perspectives.

In the 1990s, historians Strauss and Howe first called this young generation “Millennials.” Others have called the generation Echo Boomers and Generation Y. Strauss and Howe also indicated the Millennial birth years very specifically to be 1982 until 2004, while mainstream media often indicates Millennials as being born from 1980 until 2000.

The young adults from this generation have known sophisticated technology and media for virtually their entire lives. A society that moves fast, demands immediacy, and relishes a smorgasbord of never-ending information and entertainment, has surely shaped a new reality that may be all but disconnected from the living standard and experiences of previous generations.

Our documentary is focused on persons aged 18 through 26 – the range largely considered “college aged” whether one is a student or not. This demographic particularly embodies the living phenomenon of this generation as they gain increasing independence, productivity, success, or frustration. They are evolving into adults in the wake of a financial collapse, a currently struggling economy, a highly polarized stalemate among American politics, and a media-driven culture that makes commerce of everything imaginable, and seems to expect that individuals reveal themselves openly and continually online.

Our documentary aspires to tackle a big subject invoking an almost overwhelming series of questions:

Perhaps most essentially, will this generation make a better life, a better world, a better society, in spite of countless challenges to income, economy, and environment?

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