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September 2007

Thank you for visiting the website for the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA). The SSEA represents a growing assembly of international, multidisciplinary professionals interested in the age period of emerging adulthood, ages 18 to 30.

We are pleased to announce that we have had the opportunity to select four graduate student representatives to join and work with the Steering Committee for the 2007-2009 term which will take us through the next and 4th Conference on Emerging Adulthood, scheduled for 2009. Each of the four graduate student representatives is an advocate for growing the SSEA organization in a unique direction. Below, we introduce the four representatives; please click on their names to read more about them, their work, and their interests.

Jerel Calzo, University of Michigan
Andrea Dalton, University of Alberta
Moin Syed, University of California, Santa Cruz
Brian Willoughby, University of Minnesota

One of our goals for the 2007-2008 academic year is to update and expand this website to capture the growing literature and resources on the topic of emerging adulthood. During development we welcome suggestions and are particularly interested in you sharing resources that can be made available to website visitors. Please pass along ideas and updates to Brian Willoughby, Graduate Student Representative and Website Content Manager at SSEAwebsite@ssea.org.

If you would like to join this website as a member and receive announcements and updates from the SSEA, please send an email containing your name and request to Andrea Dalton, Graduate Student Representative and Membership Coordinator at membership@ssea.org.

Best wishes for a healthy and productive 2007-2008,

Steering Committee of the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood

Jeffrey J. Arnett, Chair
Jennifer L. Tanner, Co-Chair

James Côté
Nancy Galambos
D. Wayne Osgood
John Schulenberg
Inge Seiffge-Krenke
Jerel Calzo, Graduate Student Representative
Andrea Dalton, Graduate Student Representative
Moin Syed, Graduate Student Representative
Brian Willoughby, Graduate Student Representative