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Emerging Scholar:
Angela Sorgente, Catholic University, Milan, Italy


Angela Sorgente is a doctoral candidate. She moved to Milan in 2008 to study at the Catholic University, where she has already obtained her Bachelors degree (in Psychology) and Masters degree (in Clinical Psychology) and now is attending her last year as a PhD student in Psychology, under the supervision of Professor Margherita Lanz (Catholic University of Milan) and Professor Joyce Serido (University of Minnesota). She is interested in Psychometrics and is currently studying emerging adults' financial well-being applying new research methodologies and statistical techniques (e.g., scoping review, multiple informant methodologies, Latent Transition Analysis). She spent one month (July 2012) at Chestnut Hill College (Philadelphia, PN) to attend a summer school; two months (September – October 2014) at Kent State University (Kent, OH) as member of the Interpersonal Relationship & Developmental Psychopathology Lab; and three months (August – November 2016) at University of Minnesota (Saint Paul, MN) as Visiting Scholar. Angela is currently a collaborator of the APLUS project (https://www.aplushappiness.org/), a research study that finds pathways to happiness.