Riham Al-Saadi, Arab Immigrant Emerging Adults' Perspectives on Acculturation Experiences and Canadian Society's Role in Fostering Equitable Participation

Shelby Astle, The Influence of Parent-Child Sexual Communication on Intersex Emerging Adults' Sexual Well-Being

Shagufa Kapadia, Jigisha Gala, and Mansi Thakkar, Hopes, Aspirations and Life Goals of Emerging Adults from a Resource-Poor Context: Expressions of the Purushartha Indian Framework of Life Goals

Jane Walsh, Exploration of Life Pattern of Emerging Adult Immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador

Emily Waterman, Examining the Link between Intimate Partner Violence and Food Insecurity among Emerging Adults

Erica Wood and Stephanie Cook, Emerging Adult Transgender Women of Color

Casandra Timar-Anton and Oana Negru-Subtirica, Turn and Face the Strange Changes: Real-Time Goal Regulation of Worker versus Student Emerging Adults, in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Juan Zhong,  Financial Development and Life Goals Among Chinese Emerging Adults from Diverse Ethnic Groups

Royette Dubar, Are We There Yet? An Exploration of Conceptualizations of Emerging Adulthood among 18-to-22-Year-Olds from Three English-speaking Caribbean Islands

Olufemi Fawole and Achu Alexander, New Media, Communication Patterns, and Relationship Quality in Romantic Relationships among Emerging Adults in Nigeria

Meredith Hope, Religious Involvement of College-attending Black Emerging Adult Women

David Green and Abby Goldstein, Factors Influencing EAs’ Choice of Intimate Relationships and Trajectories in Jamaica

Haeyoon Chung and Dalal Katsiaficas, Identity Development of Asian American Emerging Adults during COVID-19 Pandemic





Emerging Adulthood
Special Issue Call for Papers:

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Lives of Emerging Adults

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Books on Emerging Adulthood

  • Well-Being of Youth and  Emerging  Adults across Cultures: Novel Approaches and Findings from Europe, Asia, Africa and America

    Editors: Dimitrova, Radosveta (Ed.)

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  • Oxford University Press Book Series on Emerging Adulthood

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